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Get your creative juices flowing with the 10 easiest and most popular embroidery stitches! Alicia Burstein expands the boundaries of contemporary hand...  cost: $24.95
Distinguished Japanese quilt artist, teacher, and author Yoko Saito is known for her beautiful quilt designs. In fact, she is a master at many differe...  cost: $42.95
Brimming with intricate drawings, color photos of museum-held pieces, and excerpts from 18th-century writings, this fascinating, highly readable book ...  cost: $30.00
THis informative book explores the shift from embroidery as a profession in the 18th century to a hobby in the 19th century.  cost: $24.95
  View Details   2100 Victorian Monograms By Karl Klimsch.
  cost: $9.95
Grab your favorite pre-cut charm packs and whip up these colorful little quilts, fast! It's easy and so much fun! There are 7 designs stitched 3 times...  cost: $9.95
21 quilt patterns utilizing charm packs. Quilts are designed by Me and My Sisters Designs and Barbara Groves and Mary Jacobson. Published by Leisure A...  cost: $9.99
Collection of fine turn of the century designs  cost: $11.95
Make, hem and finish all your garments and accessories like a professional! This practical and comprehensive book helps you master all the functions ...  cost: $19.95
  View Details   A Cottage Garden By Kathy Cardiff.
When an avid gardener and seasoned quilt and stitchery designer combines her two passions, magic sprouts! Using a mix of wool and cotton as her medium...  cost: $28.99
Learn how to make your own aprons in styles that cover the entire gamut from bibs to smocks with all kinds of details.  cost: $20.00
Stitch a colorful array of cozy wool creations that will brighten any room in your home. Choose from a mix of cheerful little projects, including coa...  cost: $19.99
Honor the legacy and history of Baltimore Album blocks in Deborah Tirico's distinctive appliqu style! With luscious felted wool and textures as rich a...  cost: $29.95
This book is a how-to-stitch guilde, a project idea book, and an encyclopedia of motifs, all in one go-to reference. Begin by choosing a motif, which ...  cost: $30.00
  View Details   A To Z Of Stumpwork By Search Press Classics.
Stumpwork has its beginnings in 17th century England and is having a revival today. With over 400 step-by-step photographs and 20 fabulous designs, t...  cost: $19.95
Create beautiful artworks with a needle and thread. Thread painting is one of the most revered forms of needlework, but now any embroiderer can learn ...  cost: $19.95
  View Details   A To Z Of Whitework By Search Press Classics.
Discover the magic of whitework. White thread has been stitched onto white fabric throughout the ages, all around the world. Whitework covers a multit...  cost: $19.95
Whether you are a novice or a professional, the A-Z of Bead Embroidery will give you fresh ideas, new perspectives, renewed confidence and bring bead ...  cost: $19.95
The ultimate resource for beginning and experienced needleworkers. Contains over 500 step-by-step photos and fabulous designs from the world's best em...  cost: $19.95
Crochet is a quick and easy craft and can be addictive! This latest A-Z title will have you create beautiful pieces in no time.  cost: $19.95
From clowns to airships to roses and lavender, this book features over 120 bullion designs, 146 step by step photographs, hints, expert's articles and...  cost: $19.95
This book is a complete manual for the beginner through to the advanced embroiderer. It includes more than 1300 step-by-step color photographs of appr...  cost: $19.95
Showcasing 140 new stitches in the popular step-by-step, colour photographic style that A-Z fans have come to know and love, this encyclopedia of stit...  cost: $19.95
The book we have been waiting for!!!Discover the delights of Heirloom Sewing. This book is filled with detailed instructions of working with lace, ent...  cost: $19.95
The ultimate guide for the beginner through to the advanced knitter. More than 1,00 step-by-step color photographs of every knitting technique you wil...  cost: $19.95
The needlepoint resource for beginning and experienced embroiders.  cost: $19.95
A complete manual for the beginner through to the advanced quilter.  cost: $19.95
Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned sewer, this book is great! With detailed instructions, a wonderful reference for sewers that wish to develop t...  cost: $19.95
Ann Cox's beautiful flower embroideries exquisitely worked using silk ribbon, are showcased in this book. Templates are included for all of the embroi...  cost: $19.95
From appliqueacute; to zippers, bindings to smocking, this A to Z brims with decorative ideas and handy tips for using the sewing machine. The guideâ...  cost: $19.95
This stunning book is the ultimate resource for anyone interested in any form of wool embroidery. It is a treasure trove of stitches,hints and designs...  cost: $19.95
If you have the "urge to serge," then this book was written for you. You'll get purchasing tips, set-up, and adjustments to produce all types of profe...  cost: $17.95
One of the simplest, most adaptable garments to sew, the A-line dress is a perfect project for beginners and a great foundation for those with more ex...  cost: $19.95
  View Details   Adventures In Hexagons By Emily Breclaw.
Create a repertoire of hexagons as you piece unusual layouts and radial designs that defy tradition. Make your own templates, buy acrylic templates, ...  cost: $29.95
American Homestead is back againâ€"this time with charming small projects you can sew anytime, anywhere. Ellen Murphy shares 21 embroidered felt and q...  cost: $24.95
This dress features lace and fabric teardrops embellished with silk ribbon and silk floss embroideries all around the dress. The yoke has a V-shape la...  cost: $13.00
  View Details   Anna Maria Horner Fields A Flutter By Anna Maria Horner.
A conservatory of butterflies, flowers and floral motifs for embroidery. Contains one 27" Ã- 37" sheet filled with designs for embroidery. One side w...  cost: $14.25
  View Details   Anna Maria Horner Love From A To Z By Anna Maria Horner.
A full uppercase and lowercase alphabet for embroidery. Contains two 27" Ã- 37" sheets filled with designs for embroidery. One side with black line ...  cost: $16.25
Includes: Hemline Variations, Skirt Embellishment, Ruffles and lace Bands, Embroidery Designs, Construction Tips, Troubleshooters, Scalloped Hemline G...  cost: $20.00
Answers to All Your Questions About Measuring and Fitting Girls includes a pull-out sheet of standard size measurements that can be laminated and used...  cost: $20.00
This book includes heirloom sleeve variations, a smocked puff sleeve, sleeve bindings and bands, infant sleeve adaptations, straight sleeves on boy sh...  cost: $20.00
  cost: $20.00
The basic skills to fix old linens  cost: $25.00
  View Details   Ayrshire And Other Whitework By Margaret Swain.
This book gives a concise summary of the various types of white needlework, along with details of techniques and readable accounts of the diverse type...  cost: $12.00
  View Details   Baby Boy Christening Gowns II By Nancy Coburn.
Book includes pull-out pattern in sizes newborn, small, medium, and large. Simple construction designed for unique trims and fabric textures. Design...  cost: $20.00
  View Details   Baby Daygowns Book I By Nancy Coburn.
This book contains day gown designs with a back closing for newborns and infants. Also included are easy machine techniques and instructions for hand ...  cost: $20.00
  View Details   Baby Daygowns Book II By Nancy Coburn.
This book contains day gown designs with a back closing for newborns and infants. Also included are easy machine techniques and instructions for hand ...  cost: $20.00
  View Details   Baby Daygowns Book III By Nancy Coburn.
This book contains day gown designs with a back closing for newborns and infants. Also included are easy machine techniques and instructions for hand ...  cost: $20.00
  View Details   Baby Daygowns Book Iv By Nancy Coburn.
This book contains day gown designs with a back closing for newborns and infants. Also included are easy machine techniques and instructions for hand ...  cost: $20.00
  View Details   Baby Daygowns Book V By Nancy Coburn.
This book contains daygown designs with a yoke for infant boys and girls. Also included are pull-out patterns for sizes preemie, newborn and infant, s...  cost: $24.00
  View Details   Baby Daygowns VII By Nancy Coburn.
In this book, the yoke is deeper; one variation has pleat in skirt front for embroidery, easy instructions, suitable for hand embroidery, may be adapt...  cost: $20.00
  View Details   Baby Diaper Covers By Nancy Coburn.
Contains more than five variations in sizes preemie, newborn, small, medium and large.  cost: $20.00
  View Details   Baltimore Album Of Roses Book By Rita Verroca.
Hand stitch an intricate garden of flowers with renowned Baltimore Album teacher Rita Verroca. Study Rita's award-winning techniques with her detailed...  cost: $24.95
  View Details   Beaded Embroidery Stitching By Christen Brown.
Add dimension and luster to your sewing projects with 125 decorative bead embroidery and bead woven stitches! Embellish 8 stunning projects from bedaz...  cost: $27.95
This book contains original ideas and designs based around ribbon embroidery and using beads, bonding, embroidery and painting on fabric to enhance th...  cost: $19.95
  cost: $10.00
Beaded and embroidered accents look beautiful and complex, yet are simple to create, even for beginners. A Raspberry Dotted Pillow, Embellished Flower...  cost: $24.95
Easy-to-use book following the tradition of Country Bumpkin Publications, the publisher of Inspirations Magazine. Using designs of some of Australia's...  cost: $48.00
In this book Susan Bates explores the world of free style embroidery. Susan is an experienced embroidery designer, known for her cross stitch designs....  cost: $21.95
Jane Rainbow shows how to embroider a selection of beautiful designs using 12 basic stitches.  cost: $17.95
Create beautiful drawn-thread embroideries with this handy guide filled with vintage and contemporary designs. Step-by-step directions are accompanied...  cost: $17.95
  View Details   Beginner's Guide To Goldwork By Ruth Chamberlain.
The beauty of goldwork lies in the way the light is reflected when gold threads are worked into a design. This book is a step-by-step guide in how to ...  cost: $19.95
The embroidery is traditionally worked on close-woven cotton with cotton thread and it has a great elegance. Flowing floral patterns intertwine with s...  cost: $17.95
The author shares her enthusiasm for this charming style of embroidery by providing an illustrated guide to producing raised samplers and pictures.  cost: $18.95
  View Details   Blackwork Embroidery By Elizabeth Geddes & Mayra McNeill.
A form of counted-thread work, blackwork emphasizes shading contrasts that are possible working with a single color of thread. This book is one of the...  cost: $9.95
  View Details   Boutis And Trapunto By Catherine Coget.
This book contains step-by-step photographs that clearly illustrate all of the techniques, including transferring designs, outlining motifs, padding a...  cost: $42.00
  View Details   Braided Bargello Quilts By Ruth Ann Berry.
Achieve Bargello's glorious complexity throughh straightforward techniques. Bargello master Ruth Ann Berry shares 16 all-new projects, from bed quilts...  cost: $21.95
  View Details   Bright & Bold Wool Applique By Angela Lawrence.
Welcome to the expanding world of wool applique with Angela Lawrence. Using gorgeous hand-dyed wool in a wide range of vibrant colors, Angela has crea...  cost: $24.95
Exquisite linen embroidery from traditional monograms to openwork, shadow work and applique. Lavishly illustrations and appendix of stitch techniques....  cost: $65.00
  cost: $34.00
Lovely color embroidery photos as well as design patterns.  cost: $50.00
You don't need to be a designer or pattern maker to create and sew the dress of your dreams. Let Liesl Gibson, founder and designer of Oliver + S sewi...  cost: $24.95
  cost: $22.00
  cost: $22.00
  cost: $22.00
Mary Ann & Jeffrey  cost: $8.00
  View Details   Carrot Valley Critters, Vol II By Pat Garretson.
This book contains many rabbit-inspired designs, as well as instructions on shadow applique. Laura & John.  cost: $8.00
Gramma & Stephanie  cost: $8.00
  View Details   Celebrate Wool Applique By Deborah Gale Tirico.
Wool appliqu enthusiasts, take your skills up a notch with thirty gorgeous folk-art designs. Covered boxes, coasters, pillows, and more - make a set o...  cost: $29.95
  View Details   Children's Boutique By Jackie Clark.
This booklet has patterns for quilts, blankets ,baby hats, and even a keepsake binder.  cost: $13.00
This gown is sized from 6-18 months, and features a round yoke with a magnificent lace shaping going around the front to the back of the yoke. There a...  cost: $13.00
  View Details   Christening Gowns Book I By Nancy Coburn.
Christening Gown Variations, pattern, and instructions. This pattern is currently on back-order. Please call to determine if it is available.  cost: $36.00
When the cool breezes of Autumn announce the change of seasons, our thoughts turn to sewing projects for this colorful season. Our 2017 Autumn Issue o...  cost: $24.99
This book contains ten beautiful smocking designs suitable for all levels of smockers. The designs are clearly presented and accompanied by photograph...  cost: $18.00
Features 26 dresses, tops, jackets and pants that you can make yourself. Includes simple step-by-step instructions and diagrams along with 4 full size...  cost: $19.95
Love to quilt? Love to color? This is the artistic activity book you've been looking for! Hours of creative pleasure await as you explore 45 quilt col...  cost: $9.99
There is no name more closely linked to ornate and fanciful fabric designs than Tula Pink. Sewists and quilters have long delighted in using her fabri...  cost: $21.99
  View Details   Cotton Way Classics By Bonnie Olaveson.
Fill your home with fresh and light patchwork that will never go out of style. A little bit retro with a tasteful blend of trendy and traditional, the...  cost: $24.99
Celebrate the seasons with this sweet collection of folk-inspired projects using wool appliqu and embroidery. Featuring Elizabeth's signature sheep an...  cost: $17.95
This book features items that you fashion for home, wardrobe and special occasions and includes dyeing and painting lace.  cost: $16.95
In a fusion of crewel and surface embroidery, this work mixes thread painting and Australian wool embroidery. With illustrations and step-by-step inst...  cost: $37.50
Let your imagination be your guide with the embroidery method known as crewel-surface stitches that produce some of the boldest and most fanciful desi...  cost: $20.00
This book is a replication of two outstanding and rare manuals.  cost: $20.00
esigner look without the designer cost, what's not to like? Designer Smocking for Tots to Teens empowers you to create modern clothing with contempora...  cost: $28.00
  View Details   Distinctive Dresdens By Katja Marek.
Discover 26 Dresden Plate designs that shine with intricate style. You can sew each stunning Dresden on a sewing machine or by hand using English pape...  cost: $26.99
  View Details   Doll Dress Boutique By Erin Hentzel.
Classic A-lines, sleeveless summer dresses, and party frocks―learn to sew eighteen-inch doll dresses for every occasion. This huge collection of ove...  cost: $22.95
  cost: $30.00
  cost: $20.00
Doodling isn"t just for paper anymore! Appealing to stitchers of all levels, the beautiful decorative stitches and techniques here include stumpwork, ...  cost: $14.95
  View Details   Drawn Thread Embroidery By Moyra McNeill.
This book has lots of ideas for quick and easy projects and includes all of the well-known drawn thread varietiesâ€"needle weaving, reticella, Russian...  cost: $19.95
An intimate look at the fascinating life and extraordinary work of a creative visionary, told through stories, art and photographs.  cost: $40.00
  View Details   Dresden Quilt Blocks Reimagined By Candyce Copp Grisham.
Embrace the art of quilting with simple instructions to create particularly beautiful Dresden plate blocks. Each variation looks unique and all are as...  cost: $24.95
  View Details   Dresses For Toddlers Book I By Nancy Coburn.
This book contains patterns, designs and heirloom sewing by machine techniques for A-linen dresses in sizes 6 m to 3 yrs.  cost: $20.00
A complete guide to fashion sewing  cost: $29.99
  View Details   Easy Heirloom Embroidery By Cheryl Fall.
This inspirational book will teach you how to create and care for your handmade treasures and how to make smart purchases when adding to your vintage ...  cost: $24.95
  View Details   Easy Layer-cake Quilts By Me and My Sister.
Simple quilts that start with 10" squares. Sink your teeth into 11 quick and easy quilts that you can whip up in a jiffy--even if you're a total begi...  cost: $19.99
Compilation of authors Looking for something quick to stitch? Here in one volume, at a great value, you'll find a wide assortment of terrific projects...  cost: $16.99
  View Details   Elegant Embroidery By Reiko Mori.
Welcome to the artful world of Japanese master embroiderer Reiko Mori, a place where embroidery embodies charm, grace, and true elegance. Choose from ...  cost: $29.95
  View Details   Elegant Stitches By Judith Baker Montano.
This book is an elegant stitch guide that includes all of the step-by-step instructions and illustrations you'll need to create masterpieces in embroi...  cost: $24.95
In this book the author thoroughly explains the materials used in smocking, 24 different smocking stitches, pleating and garment instructions. Also in...  cost: $15.00
Embellish everyday items such as clothing, pillows; even shower curtains, with these 12 classic embroidery designs. The stitches are simple and instru...  cost: $18.00
  View Details   Embellishments A-z By Stephanie Valley.
From applique to stitch and slash, the clear step-by-step instructions and photos in this handy guide make it easy to try new techniques and experimen...  cost: $19.95
This book contains complete instructions to stitch a spring garden, a summer garden, an autumn garden and a winter garden.  cost: $28.00
  View Details   Embroidered Alphabets By Helen M. Stevens.
This book covers the basic materials required and gives details of many different stitches which can be used to outline or fill in letters. Advice is ...  cost: $11.00
  cost: $20.00
This book is a collection of beautifully stitched embroidered flower projects including a traditional cottage garden, a spring garland and embroidered...  cost: $28.00
The book features 5 practical masterclass embroidery projects with step-by-step color photos.  cost: $26.99
  View Details   Embroidered Memories By Brian Haggard.
Mix and match 375 unique elements, plus 2 alphabets, to create designs that reflect your memories. Learn 13 basic stitches and how to creatively combi...  cost: $24.95
  cost: $40.00
Along with a wide range of projects, this book also contains instructions on painting the background fabric before stitching. The projects include a t...  cost: $17.95
  View Details   Embroiderer's Year By Helen M. Stevens.
Celebrates the use of embroidery to mark traditions and anniversaries throughout the year. In this book, each month is explored through traditional ce...  cost: $29.99
This book is perfect for all those embroiderers seeking ideas and inspiration for their work. It covers many different styles and is packed with origi...  cost: $13.00
With this book you will learn how to beautifully embellish a dress, enhance a bag, decorate a picture frame with silk ribbon embroidery. In addition t...  cost: $17.95
  View Details   Embroidery And Crazy Quilt Stitch Tool By Judith Baker Montano.
This is a must-have reference guide for hand needlework. It is a compact, take anywhere guide to more than 180 stitches and stitch combinations for ha...  cost: $22.95
In this book the author has designed two beautiful gardens inspired by the flowers of South Africa. There are fifty new flowers in this book  cost: $28.00
This book covers the entire embroidery process from choosing designs, threads, stabilizers, and needles to hooping, design placement, and stitching te...  cost: $27.99
Features over 20 innovative projects on CD-ROM- Teaches new as well as standard applique techniques- Includes a resources guide and inspirational gall...  cost: $19.95
Written in Japanese. 500 designs are drawn and photographed. Clear and easy to understand.  cost: $38.00
From traditional hand-stitching to contemporary machine embroidery, this guide covers every skill needed to be a proficient embroiderer.  cost: $10.95
Just position the stencil where desired and mark your designs with a quilter's pencil to get your embroidery off to an accurate start! The expert inst...  cost: $24.95
  View Details   Embroidery Stitch Bible By Betty Barnden.
This book contains over 200 embroidery stitches and is an essential reference for embroiderers of all levels.  cost: $30.00
This book contains 101 stitches presented in full color. The author teaches you how to create our embroidery on any fabric desiredâ€"how to work the s...  cost: $17.95
Seventy-eight flowers are featured in this book, complete with color photos and detailed stitch instructions.  cost: $20.00
178 different stitches with their variations along with precise explanations. An exellent workbook and great to use as a refresher course and referren...  cost: $16.95
From Acrylic Felt to Zip Foot, this book provides an invaluable reference guide to the latest machine embroidery techniques, materials, and equipment,...  cost: $26.75
This book contains delicate and lovely monograms for English Smocking. These designs are appropriate for a yoke dress, pillow, round yoke or Bishop dr...  cost: $4.25
Vicki Bellino, author of the popular Bloom Creek Quilts, presents a delightful selection of English paper-piecing quilt patterns. Using gorgeous piece...  cost: $24.99
Originally published in 1957 this book features Grace's original smocking designs. Basic, advanced and specialty smocking stitches are described and i...  cost: $17.50
30 floral wool applique quilt blocks. For wool lovers, color lovers, and all flower lovers. Perfect for a wool applique class or a personal challenge....  cost: $19.95
  View Details   Fabulous Fashions By Martha Pullen.
  cost: $20.00
In this book there is a project to work for each of a variety of flowers and a combined arrangement of the three flowers from each season. Clear instr...  cost: $18.00
  View Details   Featherweight 221 - The Perfect Portable By Nancy Johnson-Srebro.
Featherweight history at your fingertips ―Enjoy an entertaining look at the history of the Featherweight sewing machine ―Expanded third edition up...  cost: $24.95
The eight flowers and two foliage plants in this book are perfect for a multitude of silk ribbon embroidery projects. Step by step instructions are in...  cost: $9.95
Maria Diaz, renowned for her cross-stitch design, shares her original love of hand embroidery in this beautiful embroidery sourcebook that offers grea...  cost: $21.95
This versatile design collection has more than 200 flowers. CD contains 235 royalty-free images scanned in 6 different formats.  cost: $14.95
Silk ribbon embroidery, with its varied textures and sculpted effects, is a magical medium for stitching floral designs. Whether it's a field of laven...  cost: $24.00
  cost: $21.95
Easy to use library of over 400 fabulous floral motifs.  cost: $19.99
In Flossie Teacakesé Guide to English Paper Piecing, author Florence Knapp shares her love of this handsewn patchwork technique through step-by...  cost: $24.99
Start with a travel-inspired sampler quilt, then veer off the beaten path by making nine companion projects with a wanderlust vibe. Famed designer Ter...  cost: $25.99
This book, by the Master of French Hand sewing, gives clear, concise instructions for a variety of projects.  cost: $69.95
From the acknowledged master teacher of heirloom sewing, this is a creative guide to french handsewing for infants. This book will be a continuing sou...  cost: $79.95
  View Details   Gardening With Ribbons By Diane Herbort & Bonnie Benson.
Learn how to make various flowers out of ribbon and how to use them to embellish clothing and household items.  cost: $15.95
  cost: $26.00
This book contains a multitude of linens with their stories and timeless beauty.  cost: $29.95
  View Details   Glorious Linens Book And Dvd By Martha Pullen.
Volume 1 Disc 2. The linens in this book are of staggering beauty from another world and a simpler time. They were a currency of comfort aqnd gentilit...  cost: $120.00
Eight projects from pillow to a scissors case with embroidered wool felt applique are examples of handcrafted luxury. These easy-to-learn, dimensional...  cost: $29.95
This book is the ultimate reference for anyone who enjoys using, wearing, collecting, or studying fine lace and provides the ABCs for understanding an...  cost: $36.00
Book of all the techniques you need to create beautiful silk ribbon embroideries.  cost: $26.50
Get the pocket guide to embroidery that everyone's talking about―a sixty-four page mini book perfect to take on the go! With over thirty essential e...  cost: $7.95
  View Details   Happy Flower Quilts By Atsuko Matsuyama.
A book of 30 colorful quilts, charming bags and cheerful gifts. ISBN 978-1-940552-255  cost: $24.99
Sew four delightful zakka-style projects to help corral sewing and knitting supplies, including a sewing bag with an adorable spool tree motif, a draw...  cost: $22.95
This book contains over 100 embroidery designs and instructions for classic embroidery stitches, bullions and bridging.  cost: $15.00
In this book on hand-embroidery, Jan presents more than 25 original designs for many soft furnishings and home accessories. that can be saved for futu...  cost: $24.95
Easy to use, just transfer and stitch! Over two hundred and twenty-five embroidery designs from best-selling author Brian Haggard are now available as...  cost: $19.95
  View Details   Heirloom Ribbonwork By Helen Gibb.
In this lavishly photographed book the author brings you 27 elegant projects than include half-doll pincushions and tassels, brooches, albums boxes an...  cost: $24.95
  cost: $14.00
  cost: $14.95
  View Details   Hexa Go-go By Tacha Bruecher.
Tacha Bruecher English paper-pieced hexagons are perfect for modern quilters on the go-take them along with you anywhere to stitch up, then build all ...  cost: $23.95
Hexagons, Diamonds, Triangles, and More Kelly Ashton Learn how to make visually striking projects featuring 60-degree shapes, including hexagons, diam...  cost: $26.99
  cost: $5.00
Everything you need to know about creating beautiful baby garments are found in this book. Topics include: a Christening dress, a romper, a sacque and...  cost: $24.00
This book contains photographs and descriptions 0f a variety of laces from around the world.  cost: $32.00
  cost: $17.50
A book with classic and modern initials and monograms. ISBN: 2-908894-66-1  cost: $15.00
  cost: $22.00
  cost: $22.00
  cost: $22.00
  cost: $22.00
  cost: $22.00
  cost: $22.00
  cost: $22.00
Iron Transfers from Italy by Mani Di Fata. Book measures 13" X 10", so only top 2/3rds of designs show in these pictures.  cost: $22.00
Iron Transfers from Mani Di Fata of Italy. Pictures show only 2/3rds of book which measures 13" by 10".  cost: $22.00
Iron Transfers from Mani Di Fata of Italy. Pictures show only 2/3rds of book which measures 13" by 10".  cost: $22.00
Iron Transfers from Mani Di Fata of Italy. Pictures show only 2/3rds of book which measures 13" by 10".  cost: $22.00
Iron transfers of borders and festoons from Mani Di Fata of Italy. Book measures 13″ Ã- 10″, so only 2/3rds of designs show in pictures.  cost: $22.00
Iron Transfers from Mani Di Fata of Italy. Pictures show only 2/3rds of book which measures 13" by 10".  cost: $22.00
Iron Transfers from Mani Di Fata of Italy. Pictures show only 2/3rds of book which measures 13" by 10".  cost: $22.00
Iron Transfers from Mani Di Fata of Italy. Pictures show only 2/3rds of book which measures 13" by 10".  cost: $22.00
Iron Transfers from Mani Di Fata of Italy. Pictures show only 2/3rds of book which measures 13" by 10".  cost: $22.00
Iron Transfers from Mani Di Fata of Italy. Pictures show only 2/3rds of book which measures 13" by 10".  cost: $22.00
This comprehensive book of 100 embroidery stitches can be used by stitchers of all levels.  cost: $4.75
A book filled with old fashioned baby designs and how-to instructions for a beginner.  cost: $20.00
In this special edition in Kaffe's Patchwork and Quilting series, Kaffe has taken inspiration for the 20 new quilts in this book from some particularl...  cost: $27.00
  View Details   Kaffe Fassett Quilts In Italy By Kaffe Fassett.
Kaffe's inspiration for the 20 new quilts in this book was drawn from the exquisite, richly colored villages of Cinque Terre on the Italian Riviera. T...  cost: $27.95
Quilt Master, Kaffe Fassett and coauthor Liza Prior Lucy present twenty-four projects â€" small and large, beginner and advanced â€" with iridescent, ...  cost: $35.00
  View Details   Kaffe Fassett's Bold Blooms By Kaffe Fassett With Liza Prior Lucy.
Book is focused on quilts and other works celebrating flowers.  cost: $35.00
Kaffe's 20 small pieced designs in this book â€" from the most simply stitched to the more intricately pieced- mix bold flower patterns with strong ge...  cost: $21.95
The second in a new series of books by by Kaffe Fassett, these little quilting gems feature 20 easy patchwork projects to make with Kaffe Fassett's po...  cost: $21.95
This sumptuous collection, which marks a decade-long partnership between Kaffe and Rowan, is filled with unique floral designs.  cost: $24.95
Quilters of all skill levels will find something to be delighted with in this new collection of twenty original quilt designs from Kaffe Fassett and o...  cost: $24.95
  View Details   Kaffe Fassett's Museum Quilts By Kaffe Fassett.
Past meets present in the dazzling collection of new quilts from design genius Kaffe Fassett. Drawing inspiration from the textile treasures of the Vi...  cost: $34.95
Journey to Provence with Kaffe Fassett and travel back in time with his latest collection, 20 beautiful new quilts that feature all the romance of the...  cost: $24.95
20 new designs from Kaffe Fassett and his team, photographed on location in western Ireland. ISBN:978-1-63186-857-3  cost: $27.95
Piece by piece, world-renowned textile artist Kaffe Fassett and his team of designers create another stunning collection of quilts. Once again using f...  cost: $24.95
19 Medallion quilt designs from Kaffe Fassett and his team photographed on location at the beautiful Hidcote Garden in the Costwalds. Medallion quilts...  cost: $29.95
Quilters of all skill levels will love this new Rowan collection of 20 original quilt designs by Kaffe Fassett and other featured quilt designers.  cost: $24.95
  View Details   Kaffe Fassett's Sew Artisan By Kaffe Fassett.
This book is a special collection of quilts designed using Kaffe Fassett's Sew Artisan collection. There are 14 quilt patterns in this book. ISBN...  cost: $19.95
A book of Kaffe Fassett quilt designs. This book as 23 original quilt designs which use a variety of simple shapes (squares, triangles, circles) to cr...  cost: $35.00
  View Details   Kaffe Quilts Again By Kaffe Fassett.
Kaffe Fassett takes 20 of his favorite quilt blocks and recreates them in fresh new colors from Rowan fabrics.  cost: $24.95
  View Details   Kansas City Star Sampler By Barbara Brackman.
In 1928, the Kansas City Star newspaper printed its first quilt block patternâ€"they continued this tradition for 34 wonderful and influential years. ...  cost: $29.95
The newest book from Kim Diehl. Kim offers multiple techniques for applique. Each is explained in easy to understand language with pictures to demonst...  cost: $22.99
Welcome to the wonderful world of Kim Diehl. On a splendidly small scale! Kimés little quilts have three big benefits: theyére stash fri...  cost: $29.99
  View Details   Kimono Sleeve Daygowns By Nancy Coburn.
Limited Edition #201; Pull-out patterns in sizes preemie, newborn and infant.  cost: $20.00
  View Details   Kreuzstich Monogramme By Barbara Müller.
  cost: $30.00
  cost: $60.00
This book is a "take-along" guide to help you quickly identify lace. Bullet points and magnified images provide a good starting point. Where good comp...  cost: $20.00
With over 200 color and black-and-white photographs, the author traces the story of lace in fashion from its emergence until the present day.  cost: $20.00
Each of the states is represented with line art and instructions on how to trace and transfer artwork right from the pages of this book. Create your o...  cost: $24.99
  cost: $15.00
This 158-page book contains patterns and stitch instructions for several different monograms, including a complete set of monograms for use in counted...  cost: $48.00
  View Details   Lessons From Mama Quilt Book By Terri Atkinson.
From Terri Atkinsonâ€"12 easy to follow lessons will improve and expand your range of quilting techniques. Once you've mastered these new techniques, ...  cost: $19.95
16 fast and fresh fabric entrees. These beginner friendly projects use fat quarters, charm squares or strips to update your table-- what color are you...  cost: $16.95
This book contains large letters that can be used  cost: $12.00
This booklet contains a variety of letter styles for use in embroidery projects.  cost: $12.00
  cost: $12.00
  cost: $12.00
Learn to stitch letters and monograms using a variety of embroidery stitches and silk ribbons. The text of this book is all in French.  cost: $30.00
A book with a variety of styles of monograms. ISBN: 2-908894-71-8  cost: $15.00
A book with monograms to embroider. Monograms are in a variety of styles. ISBN: 2-908894-69-6  cost: $15.00
  View Details   Little Blessings By Beverley Sheldrick By Beverley Sheldrick.
Silk Ribbon Projects for Baby.  cost: $24.95
This book shows you how to create parterre and knot gardens using French knots  cost: $9.95
  cost: $9.95
20 design samples by Heart Space Studios using Kaffe Fassett's ribbons and fabric, with projects for the home, for yourself, or to give as gifts. Col...  cost: $19.95
Stunning, color-illustrated collection of floral embroideries introduces Trish Burr's unique long and short stitch "needlepainting" style of portrayin...  cost: $30.00
This book celebrates the highest expression of the needleworker's art: Lace Making!  cost: $15.00
  View Details   Lunch-hour Embroidery By Adrienne Smitke.
It's the debut book in Martingale's "Lunch-Hour" series! From apples, anchors, and alligators to zebras, zippers, and zinnias, you'll love creating yo...  cost: $21.99
  cost: $12.00
The tradition of Normandy lace bagan in 19th century France, with dazzling patchworks that recycled antique whitework cap backs. American Ladies in th...  cost: $22.00
Help your sewing machine and serger serve you as never before! Knowing all the ins-and-outs of every feature and a range of accessories, plus special ...  cost: $16.95
  View Details   Mandalas To Embroider By Carina Envoldsen-Harris.
Slip into serenity through your stitches with this collection of 24 exquisite meditative mandalas by Polka & Bloom's Carina Envoldsen-Harris. With Ca...  cost: $16.95
A match made in heaven! Sewing patterns for little girls and their eighteen-inch dolls. Dressing like your doll has never been so much fun! Make styli...  cost: $24.95
  View Details   Millefiori Quilts By Willyne Hammerstein.
A book for every quilter's library; there are 183 pages of truly exceptional and inspiring quilts by the super talented Willyne Hammerstein. She creat...  cost: $45.95
  View Details   Millefiori Quilts 2 By Willyne Hammerstein.
After the huge international success of Willyne Hammerstein's first book, here she continues the extraordinary English Paper Piecing work in complex a...  cost: $45.95
Discover the mix-and-match possibilities for fabulous quilts with row patterns by your favorite Moda designers, including Lynne Hagmeier, Camille Rosk...  cost: $26.99
15 quilt patterns designed by a variety of Moda designers. Patterns are for scrappy pieced quilts and are all pre-cut friendly.  cost: $26.99
Book of French Monograms.  cost: $60.00
This book features lace monograms and birth month flowers stitched in silk ribbon. There is a pullout pattern for monograms.  cost: $19.00
Now you can create even more of the world's most beautiful embroidered blankets! This colourful and vibrant collection brings you eight all-new and or...  cost: $45.00
  View Details   More Sewing With Whimsy By Kari Mecca.
Kari's second journey is even as magical as her first. Each chapter is based on three featured patterns: a Square Yoke, Round Yoke, and Bottoms and Po...  cost: $29.95
  cost: $20.00
  View Details   Mountmellick Embroidery By Yvette Stanton And Prue Scott.
Mountmellick embroidery is a highly textured form of whitework embroidery, originating from the town of Mountmellick in Ireland, around 1825.Mountmell...  cost: $36.00
  cost: $22.00
  cost: $22.00
  cost: $22.00
  cost: $22.00
  cost: $22.00
  View Details   Necktie Quilts Reinvented By Christine Copenhaver.
Christine Copenhaver 16 Beautifully Traditional Projects * Rotary Cutting Techniques Finally, necktie quilts you?ll be proud to make and give As life ...  cost: $24.95
This book combines fifteen embroidery projects from the numerous kits that Trish Buur has been providing for years â€" a variety of embroideries featu...  cost: $30.00
  View Details   Needlework And Embroidery Tools By Eleanor Johnson.
This book illustrates several hundred needlework tools and related objects and describes briefly how they were used.  cost: $12.50
What do you do with those little bits of old lace that are too small or frayed to use, but too good to throw away? During the first half of the twenti...  cost: $25.00
  View Details   Offray Treasures For Baby By Ellie Joos.
For decorating a nursery, filling keepsake albums, and making one-of-a-kind birth announcements, gift baskets, inspired accessories, outfits, toys and...  cost: $27.50
Ideas and designs for accessories and decorations. This guide makes it easy to learn ribbon art techniques.  cost: $3.95
  View Details   One Block Wonders By Maxine Rosenthal.
Maxine Rosenthal 1 Great Fabric + 1 Block = 1 Stunning Quilt! * Brand new technique is all about texture, movement, sparkle, and swirl! * Choose hexag...  cost: $23.95
This book will be very useful to beginning smockers. The author includes a brief discussion of project selection, necessary materials and basic smocki...  cost: $7.00
With its organic lines, hand appliqu is the perfect medium for artistic expression. Come into the studio with Kathy Doughty as she shares her passion ...  cost: $27.95
  View Details   Patches Of Blue By Edyta Sitar.
Restful and relaxing. Simple, yet elegant. No matter how you think of the classic combination of blue and white, this collection of breathtaking quil...  cost: $28.99
  cost: $19.00
  View Details   Perfect 10 Quilts By It's Sew Emma.
Ités Sew Emma has created 16 fabulous quilts featuring our Perfect 10 Ruler from Creative Grids and the beloved 10' square precut. With full co...  cost: $14.95
12 superb dresses to smock and sew. With beautiful photographs to inspire you, Perfect Party Dresses wil be your guide to making party dress dreams co...  cost: $35.99
When it comes to classic quilt blocks, think beyond the quilt! Sew timeless blocks into beautiful quilts; then feature the same block (often in a diff...  cost: $25.99
After you have mastered the basic geometric smocking stitches, you can proceed to stacking cables to produce picture smocking. The "McCarn Method" wil...  cost: $15.00
Seven different hexie patterns are included with variations. Detailed instructions on English Paper Piecing. Bright color photos capture the details o...  cost: $24.95
  View Details   Pieced Hexies Deux By Mickey Depre.
Features 5 symmetrical designs, 6 asymmetrical designs, and 6 hexie star designs  cost: $24.95
  View Details   Pin Pals By Carrie Nelson.
Pretty. Playful. Pinnies! Best-selling author Carrie Nelson packs 40 adorable pinnies with personality! Pincushions are quick to stitch and so addicti...  cost: $22.99
  View Details   Pineapple Play Quilts & Projects By Jean Ann Wright.
Jean Ann Wright shows you how to make pineapple blocks in a way that's quick, easy and fun for quilters of all skill levels. Change the colors and va...  cost: $13.00
A video with the secrets for perfect pleating  cost: $40.00
  View Details   Precut Primer Book By Me & My Sister.
Precut Primer includes patterns for 12 different quilts. Patterns are organized by “grade' and are specific to a certain type of precut. Patterns ar...  cost: $14.95
This book contains instructions on how to make over 20 heirloom projectgs for babies and toddlers.  cost: $19.95
  cost: $20.00
45 stitches clearly explained with step-by-step working diagrams.  cost: $14.00
A book with multiple smocking designs, as well as dot paper to transfer dots to fabric. Book is all in Spanish.  cost: $24.00
This book contains a variety of smocking designs. The diagrams are very clear as are the photographs of the designs. Although the text is in Spanish, ...  cost: $10.00
  cost: $25.00
17 more smocking designs photographed and charted (Spanish text).  cost: $10.00
  View Details   Quilt As-you-go Made Vintage By Jera Brandvig.
This book features an innovative quilt-as-you-go technique for reversible quilts. These are easily finished on your home machine. The book offers 51 d...  cost: $21.95
4 unique quilt patterns which use a variety of pre-cut fabrics. Includes optional fat-quarter cutting instructions for each quilt.  cost: $12.99
In her new book Quilting On The Go: English Paper Piecing Sharon shares with you her love for English Paper Piecing and Fussy Cutting. She will guide ...  cost: $21.95
  View Details   Quilting Row By Row By Jeanette White & Erin Hamilton.
Compilation of authors Dresden plates, pinwheel blocks & flying geese...piece like a pro with The Piper's Girls! Starting with simple patchwork square...  cost: $24.95
Bimonthly quilt magazine from Australia.  cost: $13.99
Bimonthly quilt magazine. This edition features meeting Rae Telfer. Report on the Exhibition Syndey 2016. Historical Quilts- The Quilters Guild. See t...  cost: $13.99
Bimonthly quilt magazine. This edition features meeting Helen van Til. Report on the exhibitions Tokyo international Great Quilt Festival, Marie Webst...  cost: $13.99
Bimonthly quilt magazine from Australia.  cost: $13.99
Bimonthly quilt magazine. This edition features meeting Sarah Monk. Report on the exhibitions Salon pour lAmour du Fil 2018 11, Dallas Quilt Show 2018...  cost: $13.99
Bimonthly quilt magazine. This edition features meeting Glenda Cust. Report on the exhibitions Sydney Quilt Show, Vermont Quilt Festival, Internationa...  cost: $13.99
Bimonthly quilt magazine. This edition features meeting Tilda. Report on the exhibitions Road to California and Festival in Stges. Historical Quilts- ...  cost: $13.99
Bimonthly quilt magazine. This edition features meeting Tia Curtis. Report on the exhibitions Pour léAmour du Fil 2019 and Brouage. Historical ...  cost: $13.99
Bimonthly quilt magazine. This edition features meeting Catherine Butterworth. Report on the exhibitions Sydney Quilt Show, Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show...  cost: $13.99
Bimonthly quilt magazine. This edition features meeting Catherine Butterworth. Report on the exhibitions 25th European Patchwork Meeting, The Festiva...  cost: $13.99
Bimonthly quilt magazine. This edition features the Log Cabins of Donald Judd, Kay Walters' home, the Japanese exhibit The 13th Quilt Nihon Exhibit an...  cost: $13.99
Bimonthly quilt magazine. This edition features an article about Chris Serong, her crativity and quilts; the "Sakura" themed Pour l'Amour du Fil in Na...  cost: $13.99
In this new issue, you will find:The first block of the 2018 Mystery Quilt by Karen Styles!Report on Houston Quilt FestivalMeet Sashiko YoshidaThe Rei...  cost: $13.99
This issue has articles about Sue Ross and her singular quilt career. An article dedicated to the International Quilt Festival in Tokyo to which Quilt...  cost: $13.99
Bimonthly quilt magazine. This edition features meeting Merri Garton. Report on the exhibitions European Patchwork Meeting, Festival of Quilts, Birmin...  cost: $13.99
Bimonthly quilt magazine. This edition features the Sydney Quilt Show, among other articles. Austrailian magazine.  cost: $13.99
Bimonthly quilt magazine. This edition features the Vermont Quilt Festival, among other articles. Australian magazine.  cost: $13.99
Bimonthly quilt magazine. This edition features the Houston Quilt Festival, among other articles. Australian magazine.  cost: $13.99
A bimonthly quilting magazine from Australia. This issue includes a visit with Ineke Marijnissen-Van Der Molen, a quilting teacher from the Netherlan...  cost: $13.99
Bimonthly quilt magazine. This edition features meeting Etsuko Ishitobi. Report on the exhibition International Quilt Festival, Houston. Historical Qu...  cost: $13.99
Bimonthly quilt magazine. This edition features meeting Susan Smith. Report on the exhibition Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival. Historical Qui...  cost: $13.99
Welcome to the world of cutting-edge fabric designer, Tula Pink, where clever quilts show off fanciful fabric, and your imagination can be let out to ...  cost: $24.99
Inspired by vintage charm quilts, this beautiful collection of quilts incorporating only 1,2 or 3 shapes using values and color to give definition to ...  cost: $22.95
  cost: $10.00
  cost: $12.00
  cost: $15.00
This book contains a variety of letter and monogram styles in sizes that range in size from approximately 1" to 4".  cost: $12.00
This Spanish book is filled with a variety of letter styles making it ideal for monograms and other lettering projects. There is no text.  cost: $9.00
This book contains 48 patterns from many different periods.  cost: $6.95
This book contains 178 iron-on transfers as well as stitch instructions.  cost: $6.95
This book features 29 projects with detailed stitching instructions. Pattern sheets with completion guidelines are also included.  cost: $28.00
The designs in this book are adapted from Baltimore Album style quilts. The two inch square designs are perfect for a variety of embroidery projects.  cost: $9.00
  cost: $22.95
Written in Japanese, but photos clearly demonstrate step-by-step instructions.  cost: $38.00
This is Helen‘s technique ribbonwork book (third book). It's absolutely beautiful! The 256 full color pages are brimming with photos of vintage ribb...  cost: $29.99
  View Details   Ring Around The Hexies By Mickey Depre.
Pick and choose from the six variations of the “Boomer' pattern to make your wallhanging uniquely your own.  cost: $19.95
A how-to guide to the ten most popular needlecraftsâ€"including crochet, cross-stitch, embroidery, knitting, and quiltingâ€"features a lavishly illust...  cost: $27.95
This book containes alphabet monograming  cost: $45.00
  View Details   Scrap-basket Bounty By Kim Brackett.
Get scrappy with the best-selling author of the "Scrap-Basket" series! In her fifth book, Kim Brackett reveals a fun surprise waiting in these gorgeou...  cost: $25.99
The thirty sachets found in this book feature a variety of sewing techniques. Because the sachets are small they are quick projects.  cost: $14.95
A recent Rodale survey concluded that 70.7% of sewers own a serger. This popular tool is the secret to creating high-fashion, trend-setting, ready-to-...  cost: $19.95
  View Details   Serging For Babies By Kathy McMakin.
This book teaches you how to make 60 minute heirlooms and includes patterns for gowns, bibs, bonnets, day dresses and more.  cost: $15.00
Clear directions, easy to follow patterns and full color photography will enable you to create essential baby gear, clothes, accessories and thoughtfu...  cost: $19.95
Includes step-by-step instructions for making more than 20 garments. Delight in the details of these garment patterns from Lindsay Wilkes, creator of ...  cost: $27.99
  View Details   Sew Layer Cake Quilts & Gifts By Carolyn Forster.
Layer cakes- pre-cut 10 in squares- offer a quick and easy route into the world of quilting, and in this fabulous book you will learn how to use them ...  cost: $19.95
  View Details   Sew Many Notions By Debbie Busby.
The deep, rich colors of the primitive look meet cute sewing-themed motifs in this collection of simple little appliqu projects for wool lovers. Decor...  cost: $26.99
Sew Serendipity Book with fresh and pretty designs to sew and wear. Includes full size patterns for women.  cost: $27.00
  View Details   Sew Small 19 Little Bags By Jennifer Heynen.
Pretty and practical organizers to sew. A place for everything and everything in its place- make bags to hold brushes, chargers, journaling supplies,...  cost: $26.95
A book of 8 quilt patterns by Susan Emory of Swirly Girls Design. All patterns are pieced patterns, and are offered in both baby and lap sizes.  cost: $22.00
Written for the absolute beginner, these thorough instructions and step-by-step photographs expertly guide you through the basic of sewing.  cost: $24.95
Whether dressing up your own sewing room or making a gift these charming and elegant projects will add fashionable style and practical purpose to any ...  cost: $12.95
  cost: $19.95
This book contains instructions and ideas for giving new life to vintage fabrics by turning them into today's treasures.  cost: $27.95
Luxurious linens, lovely old lace, charming chenille and cross-stitch, and timeless textiles: collectors who love beautiful antique fabrics and seamst...  cost: $14.95
This book contains directions for 32 projects along with full size patterns and a shopping and treasure guide.  cost: $21.99
  View Details   Sewing With Whimsy By Kari Mecca.
This book is a treat in the sewing of children's clothes. These are one-of-a-kind projects. The book is filled with color photos, patterns, and comple...  cost: $24.95
This book features over 20 beautiful projects and elegant design ideas including personal items and items for the home.  cost: $17.95
This book is a sequel to a Beginner's Guide to Silk Ribbon Embroidery and contains over 175 new step-by-step photographs. Learn how to create beautifu...  cost: $17.95
Designed for the beginning to intermediate embroiderer, this workshop-in-a-book presents the basic concepts of this gentle art, and puts them to immed...  cost: $14.95
This book offers a complete encyclopedia of silk ribbon embroidery in combination with smocking, and includes a dress patterns, six collar patterns, 2...  cost: $22.00
This book is a treasure trove of new ideas for silk ribbons including plaid, gingham, multicolor, multi-width and basket weaving along with elegant fl...  cost: $18.00
This book features whimsical animals and figures incorporating basic stitches silk ribbon and a big imagination!  cost: $18.00
Join Kim Diehl for a cozy autumn filled with ingenious stitched creations, delicious treats, and intimate home decor. Unwind in Kim's warm and invitin...  cost: $28.99
Simply Moderne is a quarterly magazine which first came out in 2015. It is all about Modern Quilts, of which the content, the fresh colors, the innova...  cost: $17.99
Simply Moderne is a quarterly magazine which first came out in 2015. It is all about Modern Quilts, of which the content, the fresh colors, the innova...  cost: $17.99
Simply Moderne is a quarterly magazine which first came out in 2015. It is all about Modern Quilts, of which the content, the fresh colors, the innova...  cost: $17.99
Simply Moderne is a quarterly magazine which first came out in 2015. It is all about Modern Quilts, of which the content, the fresh colors, the innova...  cost: $17.99
Simply Moderne is a quarterly magazine which first came out in 2015. It is all about Modern Quilts, of which the content, the fresh colors, the innova...  cost: $17.99
Simply Moderne is a quarterly magazine which first came out in 2015. It is all about Modern Quilts, of which the content, the fresh colors, the innova...  cost: $17.99
This issue features the Vermont Quilt Festival and the Tokyo Festival  cost: $17.99
The winter issue, loaded with winter quilts and projects with modern sensibilities to help make your home cozy for the winter.  cost: $17.99
  View Details   Simply Redwork By Helen Stubbings.
Helen Stubbings' combination of red embroidery floss and muslin or light cotton fabrics creates a collection of sweet eclectic projects. With her basi...  cost: $21.95
This sunny issue takes you on a trip to the Southern United States where delicious strawberries, curious bees and flowery, Folk Art quilts are your tr...  cost: $17.99
This issue contains a visit to Portland, Oregon, and its adorable shops. Piecemakers Country Store in California is highlighted. As well as 18 Summer ...  cost: $17.99
This issue features Utah, Vicksburg, and Coronado. There are patterns for Oh Deer and Countdown to Christmas and well as a step-by-step Advent calenda...  cost: $17.99
A magazine published by Quiltmania. This issue includes close to 20 projects.  cost: $17.99
This issue contains a visit to Historic Bell Buckle, Tennessee, and its adorable shops. Meet Sophie Watelet by Cocottes et Fil. As well as 19 Autumn p...  cost: $17.99
Simply Vintage is a seasonal magazine that exposes you to the best of Country, Folk Art and Vintage styles. Each issue takes you on adventures throug...  cost: $17.99
Simply Vintage is a quarterly magazine launched in 2011, entirely consecrated to vintage and country styles that you will find in the reports and the ...  cost: $17.99
The spring issue, loaded with wonderful crafting ideas for needlework projects and home decorations to make your home ready for spring.  cost: $17.99
The fall issue, loaded with wonderful crafting ideas for needlework projects and home decorations to make your home ready for fall.  cost: $17.99
The summer issue, loaded with wonderful crafting ideas for needlework projects and home decorations to make your home ready for summer.  cost: $17.99
A magazine filled with quilt and craft projects. The Hedgehog Family, Hobby Horse, Autumn Sampler Coverlet; Meet Kaari Meng, French General.  cost: $17.99
This book features a machine interpretation of all forms of hand embroidery and lace techniques including needle lace, Battenberg lace bobbin lace, ta...  cost: $27.00
This book/pattern packet contains six full size patterns (size XS-4XL), embellishing techniques for 24 garments and hand embroidery stitches.  cost: $13.95
  View Details   Sleepwear Especially For You By Martha Pullen.
Pajamas and nightgowns in this book are comfortable and for women sizes xs-3xl and girls 2-12. The garments are constructed with favorite heirloom tec...  cost: $25.00
Smock a single letter or a three letter monogram, small, large and the letters can be overlapped, top or bottom. Use a motif to frame the monogram, cr...  cost: $15.00
Invaluable guidance on how to create your own designs and adapt patterns; clearly illustrated in color with step-by-step drawings and photos  cost: $28.00
This book contains several of the lessons from Weldon's, the premier women's handwork magazine from England, published during the 1880's and 1890's, w...  cost: $24.00
This booklet features four original smocking designs.  cost: $6.00
  cost: $6.00
This book teaches you how to thread or weave ribbon through smocked stitches.  cost: $20.00
Book covers traditional aspects of smocking and exciting modern approaches  cost: $24.00
This book is an exploration of the history of smocks and smocking. Patterns for traditional adult and childrenÂ's" smocks are included.  cost: $20.50
Contains a variety of iron-on transfers for many different decorative items. Text is in Italian. Book can be used by anyoneâ€"knowledge of Italian is ...  cost: $24.00
This book contains numerous embroidery transfers for a variety of projects. There are many full-color photographs for inspiration! There is no text or...  cost: $22.00
This book teaches you how to use a combination of simple stitches to make a vest blooming with fuchsias, a cap full of flowers, a crazy-quilted handba...  cost: $14.95
  cost: $20.00
  View Details   Stack & Cut Hexagon Quilts By Marci Baker & Sara Nephew.
Show off your large-scale prints and add a WOW factor to your quilts. Take advantage of the surprising designs that appear as you stack and cut triang...  cost: $29.95
This booklet teaches the basic concept of stacking cables, making an advanced smocking technique easy.  cost: $5.00
  View Details   Stitch Sampler By Lucinda Ganderton.
  cost: $20.00
Experiment with stitch, fabric and thread to create your own unique textiles. This inventive book is a treasure trove of over 40 inspiring practical...  cost: $24.95
  View Details   Stitched Sewing Organizers By Aneela Hoey.
Bring order to your sewing supplies whether you're working at home or on the go. Learn how to install zippers, sew with vinyl, make 3 dimensional shap...  cost: $26.95
  View Details   Stitches From The Garden By Kathy Schmitz.
Indulge in the sentimental pleasures of stitcheries with wistful vintage artistry. Inspired by nature and stitched with the gentle romance of days gon...  cost: $24.99
  View Details   Stitches From The Harvest By Kathy Schmitz.
Fifteen all-new embroidery projects await your needle and thread, each inspired by the warm colors and welcoming textures of autumn. Stitch jaunty squ...  cost: $24.99
  View Details   Stitches From The Yuletide By Kathy Schmitz.
Best-selling author Kathy Schmitz is back with more exquisite embroidery designs, this time celebrating the charms of the season. Inspired by classic ...  cost: $25.99
  View Details   Stumpwork By Kate Sinton.
Clear, step-by-step instructions and examples of both historical and contemporary pieces. Graduate Apprentice and tutor, Kate Sinton, shows you how to...  cost: $22.00
  View Details   Stumpwork Dragonflies By Jane Nicholas.
  cost: $24.95
  View Details   Stunning Stitches For Crazy Quilts By Kathy Seaman Shaw.
You donét have to be a master embroiderer to create beautiful crazy-quilt seams! With 480 seam designs to inspire your creativity, youél...  cost: $29.95
Turn up the volume on traditional wool appliqu with this brilliant jewel-tone summer sampler. If you can sew three basic hand stitches, youll learn ju...  cost: $17.95
  View Details   Sweet Dress Book By Yoshiko Tsukiori.
23 stylish outfits from 6 simple patterns. By Yoshiko Tsukiori.  cost: $19.95
250+ embroidery designs from popular designer Aneela Hoey are now available as iron-on transfers, to make applying and using her designs a breeze. Tra...  cost: $19.95
  View Details   Table Runner Bliss By Sherri Falls.
Sew these 20 centerpiece-worthy tablerunners by Sherri Falls to celebrate each day! Every time you gather around the table with family and friends, t...  cost: $19.95
  View Details   Table-runner Roundup By Amelia Johanson.
From classic chic to fresh farmhouse, the versatility of the table runner shines in this collection of all-new projects. Thirteen designs include scra...  cost: $22.99
In the fourth book in her popular "Teach Me" series, expert teacher and quilt designer Pat Sloan guides you through each and every step as you make yo...  cost: $24.99
In the words of author, Maria A. Freitas, "Embroidery is a work of art, and as with any art, it transforms the medium it's on into a priceless heirloo...  cost: $28.00
  View Details   The Art Of Drawn Work By Jules And Kaethe Kliot.
Originally published in 1896 this book is still the most complete work on the subject of drawn thread embroidery. There are a variety of projects. Thi...  cost: $20.00
  View Details   The Art Of Madeira Embroidery By Lillie McAnge.
Book from Lillie McAnge. Includes the history of Madeira embroidery as well as many beautiful yet attainable projects for the modern embroiderer.  cost: $50.00
This book contains a blouse and camisole pattern along with 18 blouse variations.  cost: $19.95
Cut strips from your stash or gather your favorite precuts to make fabulous strip quilts that shine! Each pattern will inspire you with its remarkably...  cost: $27.99
This book contains instructions, designs and patterns for smocked bonnets, heirloom bonnets and handkerchief bonnets. The bonnets fit sizes newborn to...  cost: $20.00
  cost: $17.95
This book presents explanations and illustrations designed to make construction of children's clothes easier. Also included are a variety of yoke dres...  cost: $20.00
Welcome to the scrumptious world of Cake Mixes with this new book, The Cake Mix Quilt Book: Volume One. Cake Mixes are triangle papers designed for 10...  cost: $14.95
Includes complete patterns and instructions for your favorite classic Children's Corner Patterns for you 17.5" to 19.5" dolls. Patterns include Maggie...  cost: $20.00
This sourcebook of is a photographic step-by-step book of sewing techniques for enthusiasts of all levels.  cost: $40.00
  cost: $40.00
Learn when a serger stitch is needed for finishing edges, making garments, or decorative work. Get clearly spelled out techniques for long, straight s...  cost: $17.95
This book contains patterns, detailed instructions and designs for sewing heirloom slips: baby slips, Christening gown slips, a toddler slip, a yoke s...  cost: $20.00
  cost: $24.00
  View Details   The Creative Yoke Dress By Kay Guiles.
Book 1. The Creative Yoke Dress was conceived in order to explore the creative possibilities of that most basic of children's designs, the basic yoke ...  cost: $20.00
  View Details   The Double Wide Dresden Book By Me and My Sisters.
What is a Double Wide Dresden? It's a fast, fun way to make classic Dresden blocks! These 36-degree Dresdens require only 10 wedges (instead of the tr...  cost: $27.99
Combines the joys of quilting and embroidery to create this beautiful miniature quilt. It includes full size patterns and step by step photographs to ...  cost: $32.00
  View Details   The Embroidered Patchwork Bear By Carolyn Pearce.
This richly illustrated project book combines the crafts of embroidery, patchwork, and bear making. These ideas can be easily adapted and used on a mu...  cost: $32.00
A comprehensive directory of embroidery techniques for both the beginner and the experienced embroiderer. The book includes 240 stitches, ranging from...  cost: $19.95
  View Details   The Everything Sewing Book By Sandra Detrixhe.
From threading the needle to basting the hem, all you need to alter and create beautiful clothes, gifts and decorations are contained in this book!  cost: $22.95
  View Details   The Identification Of Lace By Pat Ernshaw.
This book guides the reader through the intricacies of identifying a piece of lace, listing and illustrating the points to look for in each lace. It c...  cost: $30.00
  View Details   The Kent State Museum By Martha Pullen.
Another of Martha Pullen's Favorite Places Series. Beautiful clothes from past centuries.  cost: $29.95
  View Details   The Kent State Museum Vol.2 By Martha Pullen.
Part of the Martha Pullen's Favorite Places Series. Beautiful color photos of century old clothes  cost: $29.95
his booklet is a practical guide on how to clean, repair and store antique linens, lace and quilts. Also included are items that you want to preserve ...  cost: $17.50
Whitework Embroidered Lace Handkerchiefs  cost: $19.95
This book, originally published in 1910, contains a variety of projects for children to stitch including doll clothes and accessories, children's clot...  cost: $22.00
From play clothes to evening wear, curtains to quilts, this book brings you everything you need to know to sew your own distinctive creations, regardl...  cost: $35.00
  View Details   The New Hexagon By Katja Marek.
Unlock the possibilities within hexagons and make your own unique blocks. Learn the glue-basting method of English paper piecing and use it to create ...  cost: $26.99
Artist and designer Dena lives by the motto "surround yourslef with the things you love." For her, that means taking her paintbrush to every surface i...  cost: $25.00
This book provides detailed instructions on a variety of smocking stitches. The instructions are accompanied by photographs for those stitchers who wa...  cost: $10.00
Contains step by step instructions with fully detailed illustrations to create over 15 stunning flowers  cost: $24.95
Things to make with needle and thread and odds and ends.  cost: $19.99
This book deals with the basics of the machine smocking technique. It is designed for the husqvarna, viking, and pfaff machines. It has both color pho...  cost: $24.00
  View Details   The Splendid Sampler By Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson.
A comprehensive collection of 100 very special 6" blocks created and shared by more than 80 of today's most innovative designers. Collected and compi...  cost: $27.99
  View Details   The Splendid Sampler 2 By Pat Sloan & Jane Davidson.
More than 28,000 quilters have sewn along with the Splendid Sampler community online. Now Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson return with 100 all-new block pa...  cost: $28.99
Raconteur―The Storyteller's Collection, an award-winning quilt, is your next take-anywhere project. Sew a collection of miniature pieced hexagons, m...  cost: $34.95
Quilts, Keepsake Binders, Aviator Skull Cap  cost: $14.50
This is the only tunic pattern you'll ever need! A graded bodice pattern with alternate neck plackets, collars, and sleeves provides many unique, read...  cost: $29.95
Get started today with hand and machine appliqu! Sharing her passion for appliqu, experienced teacher and author Annie Smith teaches you everything yo...  cost: $19.95
This collection of stories for the search of these garments. Many embroidery designs are included and available for machine embroidery (all formats) o...  cost: $120.00
This is a collection of antique white clothing from around 1880-1920. The designs may be enlarged for hand embroidery or are available for machine emb...  cost: $120.00
The embroidery designs shown in this book are a sampling from the antique garments. The CD designs can be enlarged for hand embroidery or are availabl...  cost: $120.00
This book provides an adventure into the wonderful world of wool embroidery. In many designs the embroidered wool is enhanced by metallic threads, the...  cost: $19.95
  View Details   Tole Christmas Kit By It's Sew Emma.
Tole Christmas Kit. Contains the Winter Wonderland book by It's Sew Emma. The book has 12 patterns for quilts, table runners and tree skirts, includin...  cost: $120.00
  View Details   Transfer Designs For Embroidery By Anne-Marie Bodson & Josette Vinas Y Roca.
Discover the ease of transfering these designs. There are over 100 different designs to choose from.  cost: $21.95
Tula Pink gives you an inspiring quilt block collection with Tula Pink's City Sampler. Make a beautiful, modern quilt of your own design with the 100 ...  cost: $27.99
  View Details   Ultimate Quilt Block Collection By Lynne Goldsworthy.
Ultimate Quilt Block Collection is a must have resource for quilters, featuring more than 70 original blocks from world renowned designers. From basic...  cost: $19.99
Inspired by timeless quilt block patterns and the utility quilts of past generations, mixed with the influences of the modern quilt movement, Utility-...  cost: $18.95
Beautiful color photos of clothing from the past centuries.  cost: $29.95
This book contains 51 different alphabets and 163 designs for use in a variety of projects.  cost: $11.95
  View Details   Victorian Embroidery By Robbyn MacDonald.
  cost: $24.95
This exceptionally fine needlecraft guide from the turn of the century includes instructions for projects that range from drawn-thread work to the att...  cost: $7.95
Collection of 40 patterns rich in delicate, finely detailed design combines floral artistry with the distinctive appeal of Victorian design. These eas...  cost: $6.95
A Late Victorian practical manual (originally published by Butterick, 1889) with instructions for creating household articles, linens, dress accessori...  cost: $24.95
This vintage guide to the intricacies of Victorian needlecraft features step-by-step instructions for mastering an array of techniques and patterns. F...  cost: $13.00
This book features: a collection of nostalgic needlework with step by step illustrated instructions for over 30 designs; techniques used to reproduce ...  cost: $30.00
Each page has selected portions of private collections to share with today's world of heirloom sewing and vintage fashion devotees.  cost: $29.95
Simple stitchery for quilts, dish towels and pillows. 400 designs to hand embroidery. Perfect for Redwork. By Amy Barickman  cost: $24.99
This book features articles, patterns, and inspirational essays on sewing for fashion and home, recycling and up-cycling clothing and creative gift gi...  cost: $17.00
This book features articles and patterns on creating garments using the draping method. Included are 23 projects, all created with dimensions and drap...  cost: $17.00
Amy Barickman's Vintage Notions is an inspirational guide and creative collection that features needlework, cooking, sewing, fashion, and fun. this bo...  cost: $29.99
Play fashion designer as you color your way through over 150 vintage pattern illustrations. By Amy Barickman  cost: $17.99
This book features instructions for creating over 50 decorative trimmings made from ribbons and fabric. Enjoy the beautiful images and be inspired by...  cost: $17.00
  View Details   Waverly Honor: A Workbook Of Embroidery By Martha Ann Hart & Hester Neblett.
  cost: $25.00
  View Details   Welcome Home By Kaffe Fassett By Kaffe Fassett.
Kaffe Fassett is internationally-acclaimed by many as today's leading contemporary textile designer and colorist. He is a leading designer of needlepo...  cost: $27.95
  View Details   Whimsical Wool Applique By Kim Schaefer.
Cozy up to wool appliqu with fifty colorful garden blocks to mix and match! Best-selling author Kim Schaefer shares seven easy wool appliqu projects t...  cost: $24.95
  View Details   White Work By Carter Houck.
This book provides complete information on materials, pattern-transferring techniques and instructions and diagrams for over 20 stitches followed by 4...  cost: $6.95
  View Details   Whitework By Lizzy Lansberry.
Clear instructions and beautiful examples of historical and contemporary pieces, the author Lizzy Lansberry shows how to create stunning embroideries ...  cost: $22.00
  cost: $58.00
  cost: $25.00
  View Details   Wool Applique Heirlooms By Mary A. Blythe.
Stitch fifteen wool appliqu projects. Make thirteen heirloom-worthy table mats and two versions of an Advent calendar, plus get tips on using wool.  cost: $26.95
  View Details   Wool Embroidery For Babies By Christine Harris.
  cost: $35.00
  View Details   Zakka From The Heart By Minki Kim.
Minki Kim shares sixteen zakka sewing projects incorporating quilting, appliqu, and embroidery. Sew useful handmade gifts like purses, pouches, pillow...  cost: $24.95
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